"Our brand presence, conversions and the engagement of our audience has never been better."


Properties & Pathways achieved 30 investor enquiries and subsequent syndicate investments within 6 months.


Within 2 months, Tonic Digital was able to drive consistent qualified investor leads for the Properties & Pathways sales team. In addition page 1 rankings for priority keywords that were not in the top 100 positions were secured. Some ranking highlights to date include:

  • "Commercial property investment Perth" page 1, position 1
  • "Commercial property syndicates Perth" page 1, position 1
  • "Commercial property syndicator Perth" page 1, position 1
  • "Retail property investment perth" page 1, position 3
  • "Commercial real estate investment perth" page 1, position 4

By achieving first position in Google for "commercial property investment Perth" Properties & Pathways were able to outrank higher authority websites such as realcommercial.com.au.

In conjunction with achieving strong initial results in terms of sales enquiries and Google rankings, the Properties & Pathways brand and proposition achieved high volumes of awareness from relevant audiences. This is evident in their ads being seen by relevant audiences over 565,000 times in WA within 6 months. Along with these key metric highlights, Properties & Pathways has been able to collect rich audience, channel and creative insights which has been deployed in subsequent campaigns.